X Shore

X Shore aims to achieve the most sustainable craft, and the materials used in X Shore’s boats we constantly strive to improve the footprint by e.g. better choice of materials and production methods to lower the emission and environmental impact, with colours selected to avoid disruption of the natural surroundings of the ocean.  ​

X Shore conforms to Scandinavian design ethics in terms of minimalism of design.​

All X Shore boats are customisable to ensure a seamless customer experience and an endless variety of features. Design elements such as tables, chairs and sun beds are modular and can be added, repositioned or removed thanks to the boat's railing system. The motor comprises an inverter designed to  state of the art motor and motor controller; a battery that has outstanding power to weight ratio. ​

X Shore craft have a top speed of up to 30+ knots and a distance of 100+ nautical miles can be covered when travelling at lower speeds.