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The shift to electric boating

Aqua superPower enables marinas and other waterside locations to benefit from the shift to electric boating without any upfront cost.
By installing our fully connected marine fast chargers, you can establish yourself as a destination for all electric boat users, generating increased footfall and a long-term revenue stream.

Global scope; local focus

Our mission is to support the transition away from fossil fuels all over the world. However, clean marine mobility works best when recreational and commercial boat users can take advantage of conveniently located charging stations throughout their local area. These e-boat corridors are central to the Aqua vision, and we support all our hosts in developing this critical regional infrastructure.

Marinised hardware

Aqua hardware is specifically chosen to withstand the challenges of the marine environment. All chargers use the international CCS charging standard, which ensures safety, durability, and reliability for all users.

Leave it to us

Aqua provides a fully funded turnkey solution. This includes upgrading grid connections, supplying and installing charging hardware, and managing the customer journey – entirely at our expense.

Revolutionary and environmentally-conscious

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