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Tahoe City Marina Switches on the First Marine Fast Charger in the US

Tahoe City, California, USA– 30 June 2022 –Tahoe City Marina brings Lake Tahoe closer to introducing clean electric boating with the first Aqua superPower marine fast charger installation in the US. As North America’s largest alpine lake, Lake Tahoe is an absolute favourite for boating enthusiasts from all over northern California, Nevada and internationally. Tahoe is known world-wide for its stunning scenery and the clarity of its water. The new Aqua high-power DC charger at Tahoe City Marina is the first of a smart network of chargers to be rolled out along the shores of the Lake to support boat users that choose electric boating as an alternate to petroleum based fuel.

Lake Tahoe is one of the clearest bodies of water in the world, due to its significant depth, healthy streams inlets, and ongoing restoration projects. Boating is a primary activity in Tahoe in the summer. The introduction of electric boats will dramatically reduce the impact of both leisure and commercial boating on the Lake’s precious environment. To help keep Tahoe in its pristine condition, Tahoe City Marina is committed to environmental best management practices and the move to be the first in the US to join the Aqua superPower marine fast charge network is part of this effort.

As members of the Clean Marina Program, Tahoe City Marina is proud to be the first boating destination in the US to provide marine fast charging with the Aqua supercharger. This firmly puts Tahoe City Marina and Lake Tahoe on the map as a viable location for electric boat owners and boat makers to bring their craft”  says Jim Phelan, General Manager of Tahoe City Marina. The transition to e-marine mobility will accelerate as a result of the enhanced convenience afforded by the expansion of plug & go charging infrastructure. Partnering with Aqua superPower is part of our wider environmental efforts and to enable us to service the growing number of electric boat users. We look forward to welcoming clean electric boating to Tahoe City Marina and the Lake.”

We are delighted to welcome Tahoe City Marina as the first US destination on the Aqua superPower marine fast charge network. This is a major step in bringing electric boating to Lake Tahoe as a destination that is world famous for its pristine waters.” says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower. “We envision a fully built out fast charging network around Lake Tahoe, starting with Tahoe City Marina to help drive the transition away from liquid carbon fuels. Aqua’s mission is to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment and Tahoe City Marina is a prime example of the locations leading the way in adopting clean electric boating and the charging infrastructure we provide.”

Lake Tahoe’s environment is a fragile balance between natural habitat, residents, and visitors. It has seen a dramatic reduction in levels of burned and unburned gasoline products in its water since 1999 when the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency prohibited two-stroke, carbureted engines on the lake. Numerous agencies and organizations contribute to the environmental conservation efforts of the Lake Tahoe Basin. Aqua superPower is developing a fully integrated charging ecosystem that is compatible with most leisure and commercial electric and hybrid boats.

Aqua superPower enables marinas and waterside locations to benefit fromthe shift to electric boating without any upfront cost. The Aqua superPower network is accessible to boat users via the Aqua secure app or RFID card, enabling users to view a map showing chargeroptions, offering navigational aids, and managing charging sessions.

The company is rolling out its network of marine fast chargers with installations along the Cote d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Venice, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Sweden, Canada and now the US.  A further150 chargers are planned to be added to the network next year, with substantial deployment growth to come thereafter.