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Saint Quay Port d’Armor Ushers in Marine Electrification as the First Brittany Coast Port to Join Aqua superPower Marine Fast Charge Network

Saint-Quay Port d’Armor, FRANCE – 4th July 2023– Saint-Quay Port d'Armor proudly announces its position as the pioneer marina on the Brittany coast to open the corridor of Aqua superPower marine fast-charge stations. This significant milestone marks a crucial step forward in supporting the development and adoption of electric boats along the Channel-Atlantic coastline.

Located in the picturesque Bay of Saint-Brieuc in Northern Brittany, Saint-Quay Port d'Armor has long been renowned for its bustling maritime activity, serving both pleasure and fishing boats. The capital of the coquille Saint Jacques (scallop), the harbour’s success has been intricately tied to its commitment to the marine industry. Furthermore, the exceptional facilities at Port d’Armor have established it as a prominent host of sailing races and regattas. In line with its dedication to environmental sustainability and promoting zero-emission boating, Saint-Quay Port d'Armor has made the visionary decision to offer boaters the necessary infrastructure for electric charging.

Coinciding with the departure of the prestigious Tour de Bretagne à la Voile and Tour Voile sailing regatta in the bay of Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Quay Port d’Armor officially switched on the Aqua 75 marine fast charge station. This momentous occasion represents the harbour's determination to shape the future of yachting, fostering demand, and stimulating innovation in the realm of clean boating. Saint-Quay Port d’Armor's diverse potential use-case applications include work boats, fishing boats, boat clubs equipped with electric fleets, coaching boats at sailing clubs, and electric support boats for on-water race events.

Jean Francois Riat, Marina Manager of Saint-Quay Port d’Armor said: “We met Maryline Marilly at the « Nautic » Paris Boat Show last December. She introduced us to Aqua superPower, which offers ports and professionals the supply of fast recharging stations for electric boats. It's a self-financed service that benefits from the experience of a team specialising in electric cars. We were immediately impressed and led by its fast-charging stations and its corridor project.”

He continues: “This initiative ushers in a promising future for our port, encouraging the widespread adoption of clean electric boating. Saint-Quay Port d'Armor has always been exemplary in environmental terms, holding the Blue Flag for 26 years and winning numerous awards for its innovative actions. A number of boatyards in the Côtes d'Armor department are dealers in electric boats, so it was only natural to want to equip ourselves with an Aqua superpower fast-charging station to encourage the energy transition and promote the decarbonisation of boating.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Saint-Quay Port d'Armor as they take the lead in embracing marine electrification on the North coast of Brittany. By installing our marine fast-charge station, Saint-Quay Port d'Armor is paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable boating industry. We are proud to be part of this innovative initiative and look forward to supporting the growth of electric boating in the region as we build out the charging corridor along the Channel-Atlantic coast." Said Maryline Marilly, Aqua superPower, Head of European Business Development.

Electric boat builder RS Electric Boats offered test rides supercharged by the new Aqua 75 at Saint-Quay Port d'Armor. The RS Pulse 63,with its DC fast charging capabilities, seamlessly integrates with Aqua superPower's network, guaranteeing a safe and reliable user experience. RS Electric’s coaching RIBs have already been embraced by various French sailing clubs due to their virtually silent engines, ensuring clear instructions for sailors, their super responsive steering, unmatched manoeuvrability enabled by the high-torque electric drive, and zero emissions.

The UK manufacturer of electric boats RS Electric Boats,located in Lorient, offered test rides of its RS PULSE 63 model. With DC fast charging capabilities, the RS PULSE 63 seamlessly integrates with Aqua superPower's network, guaranteeing a safe and reliable user experience. RS Electric semi-rigids are developing rapidly in Europe and at events thanks to their unmatched autonomy, a silent motor, their ease of use, all while not emitting carbon.

Naviwatt, a specialist in electric propulsion for over 10 years, showcased French e-marine expertise and innovation at Saint-Quay Port d'Armor. Presenting the ZenPro 580 equipped with DeepBlue propulsion, Naviwatt underscored its commitment to driving the evolution of electric boating technology.

By becoming the first harbour on the Brittany coast to provide Aqua's marine fast charging, Saint-Quay Port d’Armor aims to lead by example, exemplifying innovative and environmentally responsible marina management. Saint-Quay Port d'Armor's forward-thinking initiative and collaboration with Aqua superPower is a key catalyst in ushering in a new era of clean electric boating on the Brittany coast.