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MDL Marinas Partners with Aqua superPower Becoming First Marina Group to Install Electric Boat Charging Network

Southampton,United Kingdom – 3 November 2021- Delivering on its commitment to tackle air pollution and reduce carbon emissions, MDL Marinas has partnered with Aqua superPower to install electric boat chargers at five of its marinas, becoming the first UK marina group to offer an electric boat charging solution. 

Having recently launched its Green Strategy, the new electric charging points to be installed at its Cobb’s Quay, Hamble Point, Sparkes, Windsor and Ocean Village marinas are a major step forward on MDL’s mission to become the UK’s most sustainable marina group, developing a culture of environmental awareness and care amongst its customers and teams.

We recognised that for the electric boat market to grow, it’s essential that a charging network is developed to service these boats,” said Tim Mayer, sales and marketing director at MDL. “We’re delighted to be partnering with Aqua superPower to be able to support people wishing to make their boating more sustainable by offering rapid charging for electric boats across our marinas."

"We’ve chosen to join forces with Aqua superPower, not just because we believe it has developed the best marine electric charging solution at this time, but because its mission aligns with our aim to help reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment,” says Michael Glanville, managing director at MDL.

Aqua superPower has developed a network of fast chargers for electric boats, with each station providing AC and DC charging with a current maximum power output of 150 kW, allowing DC compatible powerboats to rapidly recharge and extend their autonomy. 

Built to IP65 standards and constructed using Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium, Aqua superPower’s chargers are the first to be specifically engineered and rated for use in marine environments.

“We are delighted to be working with MDL Marinas, who are widely recognised as a cornerstone of British yachting and known for leading the way in terms of innovation,” says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower.  “Aqua’s mission is to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment and to help marina owners with the switch to electric power as part of their decarbonisation efforts."

“While the marine sector may lag behind others in terms of deployment, the massive growth of electric vehicles on the highway has proved that electrification is the way forward. Access to a charging infrastructure that offers a reliable plug & charge experience offering features like charge point visibility is essential for boatbuilders and their customers if they are to develop the confidence to transition away from liquid carbon fuels. This is why Aqua superPower is developing its dedicated marine fastcharge network that will be accessible to MDL marina users via the Aqua secure app or RFID card.”   

To illustrate the benefit of adopting marine e-mobility, a 10m dayboat powered by a diesel engine, with 480lt of diesel in its tank, will generate approximately 1290kg CO2 on a typical day out, while an average car generates this amount inthree months. 

Tim continues: “This is just the first step in tackling marine and air pollution in line with our new Green Strategy, but we’ve put our head above the parapet and are investing heavily for the good of the environment and the boating industry. We’re also looking forward to working with local authorities and other marine companies to further increase the electric boat charging infrastructure, allowing the marine industry to evolve in the most sustainable way possible.”