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Marina di Brindisi Becomes the first Marinedi Group Location to Join Aqua superPower Marine Charging Network

LONDON UK & BRINDISI, Italy – 19 October 2022 – Mediterranean marina network Marinedi Group has partnered with Aqua superPower to create marine fast charging infrastructure in the transition to electric boating. The installation of Aqua superPower’s marine fast chargers under the partnership commences with Marina di Brindisi due to its strategic location as an electric boat charging hub in the commercial port of Brindisi. With about 6,000 berths in 14 operational bases, Marinedi is a leader in the Italian and European market for the development of marinas that are functionally interconnected and is the first Mediterranean marina group to offer an electric boat charging solution.

Brindisi has played an important role in maritime trade, history,and culture with its natural port on the Adriatic Sea. Offering 638 berths, Marina di Brindisi is a popular base for main routes to the East within a radius of 100 miles to the coasts of Croatia, Greece, and Montenegro across the Ionian Sea and Adriatic Sea. Earlier this year, Marinedi Group adopted the protection of the environment and biodiversity into its Constitution with focus on the three complementary steps of sustainable planning, sustainable construction, and sustainable management. Aqua superPower’s new marine fast charger at Marina di Brindisi is a major step forward on Marinedi’s mission to become the most innovative and sustainable marina network.

Dario Montanaro, CEO of Marina di Brindisi comments: "The objectives of the future can be summarized in a single term: compatibility. This is also the goal of Marina di Brindisi! All our initiatives are characterized by the idea of being compatible with port services to customers, with respect for the environment, with the diversification of nautical propulsion and with technological innovation. We are pleased to be the first of the Marinedi group and the first in Puglia to have a charging station for electric boats.”

“As forward thinking and sustainable leaders, Marinedi want to provide the necessary infrastructure for people to be able to make the switch to electric boats.” says Renato Marconi, CEO of Marinedi. “We recognise the growth of the electric boat market and it’s essential that a charging network is in place to service these boats.  We are partnering with Aqua superPower to support people wishing to make their boating more sustainable by offering rapid charging and network infrastructure for electric boats across our marinas.”

“We are delighted to be working with Marinedi because our missions align in the aim to help reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment.” says Michele Bolpagni, Country Manager - Italy of Aqua superPower. “Access to charging infrastructure that offers a reliable plug & charge user experience, offering features like charge point visibility, is essential for boat owners if they are to develop the confidence to transition away from liquid carbon fuels.  Marina di Brindisi is the first Marinedi location to install our Aqua 75 DC marine rapid charger, with further network destinations to follow shortly, making electric boating accessible to all Marinedi customers.”   

Marinedi Group ensures its marina structures are capable of supporting and harmonising with the coastal and marine environment where they are located. Innovative cutting-edge technology and sustainable management practices already introduced include floating waste bins which capture microplastics and other residues in many of Marinedi’s marinas; testing of a drone that moves over the water surface and captures floating waste and substances, as well as an underwater drone that can identify and capture waste on the seabed, and a transcollector, to be positioned on fixed or mobile docks, with a greater collection capacity of up to 100 kg of waste.

The sea and its economy are also at the center of the annual Puglia Boat Show, chaired and organized by Giuseppe Meo who says: "For years the Puglia Boat Show has been committed to promoting sustainable boating. This confirms the consolidated partnerships with the network of regional marine protected areas, with the Italian naval league and with the many associations of the territory. The presence of Aqua superPower at Puglia Boat Show and the collaboration started with the Marina di Brindisi, home of the event, gratifies us and encourages us to do more andmore, also involving the other ports of Puglia." The exhibition, now in its 18th edition, highlights the maritime industries of the region and underlines the significant contribution of Brindisi to the Blue economy.

The partnership with Marinedi Group will provide a fully connected network and electric boat charging infrastructure across all their marina locations.