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Lyckans Slip Marina Becomes First Aqua superPower Destination in Sweden and the Nordics

Fiskebäckskil  on  Skaftö,  Sweden  –  30  June  2022  – Global  marine  fast  charge  network Aqua superPower today announces the first installation in Sweden and Scandinavia  at Lyckans  Slip  Marina.  Located  on  the  west  coast  of  Sweden, Lyckans  Slip  is  a  popular  marina  and  guest  harbour  set  in  the  picturesque  former  fishing  village  of Fiskebäckskil. Renowned across Sweden and Scandinavia for its service, facilities and beautiful unspoilt environment, Lyckans Slip wants to lead the way with best practice sustainable marina management by making Aqua superPower's electric boat rapid charging available to its customers.

Leisure boating is deeply rooted in the culture of Swedes and the country has among the highest density of leisure boats per capita in the world. With more than 800,000 boats floating on Swedish waters and around 1,500 active boat clubs, leisure boating is a multi-billion SEK industry that engages 3+ million Swedes  every  year.  The  installation  of  the  new  Aqua  supercharger  reflects  Lyckans  Slip’s  wider environmental  efforts  as  the  country’s  and  region’s  most  forward  thinking  and  progressive  marina. Earlier this year Lyckans Slip welcomed Brandt Båt with its own on-site customer centre, reselling and servicing a number of boat brands, including Swedish built X Shore and Strana electric boats.

“We have always aimed to be at the forefront of environmental work, and the decision to be the first in Sweden to join the Aqua superPower network is one part of this.” Explains Conny Holmberg, Marina Director of Lyckans Slip. “I want Lyckans Slip to be well ahead of the expected surge in clean electric boating. With over 70 electric boat builders currently in operation, there is a growing and fast-evolving range of models for boat lovers to explore. Our new Aqua 75 DC rapid charger will allow them to charge and regain their autonomy in as little as 20min – 90mins. That’s the time it takes to have a leisurely lunch at our on-site restaurant.”

“Our electric boat customers want to enjoy our beautiful archipelago in the same way they are used to but in a more sustainable way. Even if slow charging at your slip is sufficient for most daytrips, fast charging allows for heavy use such as water sports and longer trips.” Says Leo Ekbom, Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Brandt Båt. ”When you’re asking a consumer to invest in an electric boat, you want to assure them they can have the charging that suits their lifestyle. We envision a fully built out marine fast charging corridor along the Swedish west coast, starting with Lyckans Slip as the first Aqua network charging hub, to help drive the transition to clean, zero emissions boating.”

“We are delighted to service Lyckans Slip as such a well-known and strategic location that sets a positive example in welcoming innovation and taking action to constantly future-proof their operation through sustainable  marine  management  that  protects  the  environment.”   Says  Alex  Bamberg,  CEO  of  Aqua superPower. “Access to charging that provides a reliable, powerful ‘plug & go’ experience and offers features like charge point visibility, is essential for leisure and commercial boat owners if they are to develop the confidence to transition to zero emission electric boats. Scandinavia is synonymous with clean vehicles and has already produced some highly successful electric boat brands. The Nordics are a key strategic market for Aqua superPower and we look forward to bringing clean boating to Lyckans Slip and the west coast of Sweden as our fully connected network expands.”

Market participants, like X Shore, believe that sector transition to e-mobility will accelerate as a result of the enhanced convenience afforded by the expansion of charging technology.  X Shore’s intelligent software combines seamlessly with Aqua superPower’s network and user management technology. By working  with  all  leading  electric  boat  builders  to  encourage  conformity  of  charging  standards,  Aqua superPower is developing a fully integrated charging ecosystem that is compatible with most leisure and commercial electric and hybrid boats. Electric boats and watercraft are here now, and they require the charging infrastructure and user experience Aqua superPower provide.

By installing the new fully connected Aqua 75 marine fast charger, Lyckans Slip becomes a destination for all electric boat users, generating increased footfall and a long-term revenue stream. Aqua hardware is specifically chosen to  withstand the challenges of the  marine  environment. The  Aqua superPower network is accessible to boat users via the Aqua secure app or RFID card, enabling users to view a map showing charger options, offering navigational aids, and managing charging sessions.

Aqua superPower is the first company to design and install a global marine fast charging network. The Aqua  team  has  long-standing  and  successful  experience  in deploying  electric  vehicle  charging infrastructure and is now transferring this knowledge to the marine sector. The company is rolling out its network of marine fast chargers with installations along the Cote d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Venice, Spain, the UK, Canada, the US, and now Sweden.