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Golfe de Saint-Tropez E-Marine 2022 by Aqua superPower Charges up Marine Sector Transition to Electrification

The Golfe de Saint-Tropez E-Marine 2022 Event and Industry Conference, organised by global marine fast charge network Aqua superPower, drew leading international electric boat brands, powertrain manufacturers, marine industry experts, industry organisations, policy makers, public sector stakeholders, and academia. With the aim to encourage the uptake of electric propulsion across the marine sector, the event took place September 17 in Marines de Cogolin and Port de Saint-Tropez. The common message coming from all participants is that knowledge sharing, industry collaboration, and learnings from the automotive sector are the key contributingfactors to a speedier transition of the marine sector to clean e-mobility.

Hosted by Marines de Cogolin and Port de Saint-Tropez, the Golfe de Saint-Tropez E-Marine 2022 Event included show trials of the various electric boats exhibiting and an E-Regatta between the two ports. Crucially, access to charging infrastructure is essential for marinas, electric boat builders and their customers if they are to develop the confidence totransition away from liquid carbon fuels. By showcasing both the charging infrastructure and electric boats, the Golfe de Saint-Tropez E-Regatta demonstrated that the solutions already exist to make the switch to electric. The event included the formal inauguration of the new Aqua 75 DC marine fast charger in Port des Marines de Cogolin. This connects Marines de Cogolin with neighbouring Port de Saint-Tropez as established e-marine pioneers and one of the first Aqua network destinations on the Cote d’Azur marine fast charging corridor.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Aqua superPower. Installing their marine fast charging station engages the Port des Marines de Cogolin in the process of energy transition that concerns us all. We want to facilitate and encourage boat owners to make the switch to clean mobility, which will lead us to extend the network of marine chargers available to them. This is just the beginning!” said Romain Rosso, Port Director, Port des Marines de Cogolin.

“We thank Aqua superPower for organising this important event and meeting of disruptive minds, allowing us to show the world that St Tropez is not only a port for VIPs, but also a harbour with a progressive and environmentally responsible approach and vision. It has been inspiring to host this event and witnessing the growing maturity of the electric boat sector with an exciting variety of vessels for both leisure and commercial use.  For us, being part of the Aqua marine fast charge network is part of our ongoing sustainable marina management in the drive to decarbonisation.” said Tony Oller, Port Director of the Port of St Tropez.

“This event brings together a showcase of technology developments around e-vessels and charging which are available now and highlights the future of clean propulsion. But it also identifies the collaborative way in which the Maritime industry is working towards the reduction of emissions with a shared vision to support and create a shift change in the sector.” said Sarah Fear, Knowledge Exchange Manager, Sustainable Earth Institute at University of Plymouth.

“As the Golfe de Saint-Tropez E-Marine 2022 Event demonstrates, electric boats are here now, and they require the charging infrastructure we provide with our dedicated marine fast charge network. We are delighted to have been able to create such an informative and high calibre industry event thanks to all the participants. We are particularly grateful for the support and collaboration from our joint hosts, Port de Saint-Tropez and Marines de Cogolin, who facilitated a day that showcased the readiness of clean electric boating and brought the concept of regional marine charging corridors to live with the E-Regatta along the Golfe de Saint-Tropez.” said Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower.

The Mayor of Saint-Tropez emphasised the urgent need for the protection of local marine environments. “Our elected officers and municipal officials are particularly aware and that this theme is part of a global approach to the protection of natural and marine areas. The municipality of Saint-Tropez has even received the Blue Odyssey expedition, led by François Alexandre Bertrand, which shows that the efforts already put in place have had a real positive impact on the seabed and this is a tremendous message of hope to demonstrate that the damage already caused can be repaired! The boats presented by Aqua superPower are part of this dynamic and undoubtedly represent part of the future of boating and also contribute to a more sustainable management of our harbours.” said Madame Silvie Siri, Mayor of Saint-Tropez in her closing remarks.

An important aspect of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez E-Marine 2022 Event was the industry conference and panel discussions exploring what can be done to speed up the transition to zero emission marinas. Moderating the conference, Sarah Fear, Knowledge Exchange Manager of the Sustainable Earth Institute at University of Plymouth, presented key challenges to a panel of leading industry experts. Issues discussed were around identifying key drivers, including legislation, infrastructure, soft incentives, and technology.

The panel provided insight and knowledge from all perspectives with contributions from industry organisations including AVEM (France’s electric vehicle association), AFBE (France’s electric boat association), EOPSA (European Onshore Power SupplyAssociation), ICOMIA (International Council of Marina Industry Association). Leading boat builders and powertrain manufacturers represented include Vita Yachts, X Shore, Laneva Boats, and Evoy. Lyckanslip Marina in Sweden, Marina de Lagos in Portugal, Port de Saint-Tropez, and Marines de Cogolin shared their sustainable marine management practices and reasons for joining the Aqua marine fast charge network. Aqua superPower outlined charging infrastructure and technology developments.

From high-performance electric boats and personal craft, to electric outboard motors, the range of exhibitors in attendance from Europe and France included Vita Yachts, X Shore, Evoy,Goldfish,ECOCONCEPT MARINE,  Whimsifoil,  and Aqua superPower with its marine fast chargers. The seatrials and open day at Marines de Cogolin and Port de Saint-Tropez gave the general public and boat owners the opportunity to experience the reality and thrill of silent electric boating.

The event brought together the relevant stakeholders in the e-marine ecosystem, including impartial organisations like academia, who have an important role to play in research on environmental practices and emissions reduction.  Ultimately all stakeholders have the common goal of being part of the solution to preserve the marine and wider environment. As organisers of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez E-Marine 2022 event, Aqua superPower succeeded in creating an educational industry showcase of mutual collaboration and co-operation between the main actors leading the transition to zero-emission electric boating.