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First electric boat charger superpowers Lake George

Lake George, New York - June 14th 2023 - Freedom Boat Club on Lake George proudly announces the inauguration of New York State's first Aqua superPower electric boat charger. The Queen Boat Co, home to Freedom Boat Club Lake George, hosted the Queen Boat Co E-Marine Event, which marked the formal switch-on of a new Aqua 75 DC marine fast charger. The event brought together key players in the electric boating sector, showcasing the growing trend of electric propulsion to reduce carbon emissions and protect our coastlines and inland waters.

New York State boasts over 400,000 registered vessels under 25 feet in length, providing a tremendous opportunity to eliminate emissions by adopting clean electric boating. To meet the demand for reliable and accessible fast charging, Freedom Boat Club Lake George has taken the lead by installing the new Aqua superPower marine fast charge station, becoming the first of its kind in the state.

Dave Wick, Executive Director of the Lake George Park Commission, delivered a speech from New York State Govenor Kathy Hochul:” …I was thrilled to learn about this new cutting-edge, fast charging operation for electric boating on our Queen of American Lakes, Lake George. Boating is one of the most important and popular recreational industries in New York, shown by the more than 400k boats registered each year in our beautiful state…”

“What Matt O’Hara and his team at the Queen Boat Co of Lake George are doing is setting the stage for the future. With this new fast-charge dockside electric charging system from Aqua superPower, and his increasing fleet of electrified boats, Matt is showing that local business can take important leadership roles in helping protect our natural environment as a part of their business model.”

“As New York State leads the nation in our climate initiatives, it is clear that our businesses also see strong opportunities to join this fight. Our future is clear. It is clean, it is electric, and it is linked to a strong economy. Every great change starts somewhere, and I am so pleased that the Queen Boat Co on Lake George is where full power electric boating in New York will begin.”

Matt O’Hara, Owner of Queen Boat Co: “We were thrilled to partner with Hacker-Craft, Ingenity and Aqua superPower to host the grand opening of the first marine fast charging station east of Michigan. Having incredible boats on hand for people to demo was a massive success as people got to experience just how great these electric boats are. The overwhelming positive feedback we received was further validation that electric propulsion is going to be a major source of joy for a large segment of the boating public, and that there is a need for this critical charging infrastructure to accelerate adoption. Working with Aqua superPower was a good decision for our business and for Lake George. 

Scott Canning, VP US Business Development, shared his vision for the future, stating," As the first Freedom Boat Club location with an Aqua electric boat supercharger, Matt is setting an example with his sustainability efforts. When you’re asking a consumer to invest in an electric boat, you want to assure them that they can have the charging that suits their lifestyle. We envision a fully built out marine fast charging corridor along Lake George, starting with Queen Boat Co as the first Aqua network charging hub, to help drive the transition to clean, zero emissions boating.”

Erin Badcock, COO of Hacker-Craft said: “Hacker-Craft is honored and excited to partner with Queen Boat Co, Ingenity and AquaSuper Power in celebrating the inauguration of the first DC super charger on Lake George and the east coast. Hacker-Craft and its subsidiary Morgan Marine LG offer Ingenity-powered electric boat models from its Queensbury and Silver Bay locations. Building an electric charging network is a necessary factor to the growth of the electric boating market. With Queen Boat Co’s new Aqua charger installation and the upcoming installation at Morgan Marine LG, we are confident Lake George will become a leading market in the electric boating industry with reliable charging stations for electric boat owners. We could not be happier to be a part of the partnership with Aqua, Ingenity and Queen Boat Co.”

Queen Boat Co, home to Freedom Boat Club Lake George, has been at the forefront of promoting electric boating by offering multiple electric outboard lines and incorporating electric boats into their boat club membership fleet. The marina has also transitioned to solar power, demonstrating their commitment to eco-friendly boating.

The Queen Boat Co E-Marine Event exemplified the commitment of industry stakeholders to electric boating. Matt O’Hara, owner of Queen Boat Co, hosted the grand opening of the first marine fast charging station east of Michigan alongside Aqua superPower, Hacker-Craft, and Ingenity. The event featured a range of electric boats for attendees to test ride, receiving overwhelming positive feedback that affirmed the appeal of electric propulsion in the boating community.

Hacker-Craft is famous for its high quality and classic hand-built boats and has been based on Lake George for decades. Hacker-Craft has partnered with Ingenity Electric to introduce a new line of electric classics. The Aquavant by Hacker-Craft Electric series showcases the marriage of timeless aesthetics with the latest clean technology. Ingenity Electric also presented their award-winning Super AirNautique GS22E, a fully electric, multi-sport towboat that delivers an unparalleled on-water experience with zero emissions. Additionally, the Ingenity23Eelectric day boat is designed for luxury, comfort, and stability and can cruise up to 14 hours at low speed with its 126 kWh range package.

Aqua superPower is the first company to design and develop a dedicated global marine fast charging network with technology, functionality and features tailored specifically for this sector. The network is designed to create a seamless user experience that is accessible to boat users via the Aqua app or RFID card, enabling users to view a map showing charger locations, offering navigational aids, and managing charging sessions.  

Morgan Marine, owner of Hacker-Craft, just north of Sabbath Day Point on Lake George will get an Aqua superPower electric charging station later this summer.