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First Aqua superPower Rapid Charger for Electric Boats Goes Live at Lake Maggiore's Marina di Verbella

Sesto Calende, Italy – 18thMay 2023 – Lake Maggiore’s first Aqua superpower marine fast charge station went live at Marina di Verbella on time to promote clean electric boating at Lake Maggiore Boat Show, 12th – 14thMay. With a progressive approach, Marina di Verbella is a leader on best sustainability and environmental practices, embracing marine electrification and supporting customers who want to switch to clean electric boating. The installation of Aqua superPower’s marine fast charger and realisation of 1MW from solar panels is a step forward in this direction.

The Aqua 75 DC marine fast charge station makes Marina di Verbella Lake Maggiore’s first electric boat charging hub and destination for electric boat owners, helping to protect the lake’s beautiful shores, environmental tourism, and cultural heritage. Marina di Verbella already hosts several world-class electric boat brands, including Candela, X Shore, Marian Boats, and a privately owned Nautique.

Marco Diana, CEO of Marina di Verbella, expressed his enthusiasm for the new Aqua marine charging stations. ”Our marina has long since embarked on a green path thanks to the installation of a 1MWh photovoltaic field for the sustainable production of electricity; we are proud to be able to host the first installation of an Aqua charging station in inland Italian waters within our Marina. We strengthen the concept of sustainability, and Lake Maggiore is projected to be the first "electrified" Italian lake with a capillary network of recharging hubs, which will allow boaters with electric propulsion boats to enjoy comfortable navigation in total serenity and autonomy.”

“Aqua’s new marine charging stations at Marina di Verbella will accelerate the adoption of both commercial and leisure electric boating on Lake Maggiore.” Said Michele Bolpagni, Country Manger Italy of Aqua superPower.  “We plan to install three more charging stations on Lake Maggiore in the coming months, which will create the first major European inland lake Aqua charging network.”

“As the owner of an electric boat, which I keep at Marina di Verbella, I couldn’t be more excited about the new Aqua 75 DC marine supercharge station. Coming from Bavaria, Germany, where environmental regulations mean inland lakes are only accessible to electric boats, I have long been converted to clean electric boating.” Explains Philipp Nieland, Investor and Nautique GS22E owner. “When I brought my high performance Nautique GS22E electric wake boat to Marina di Verbella and Lake Maggiore, it was to enjoy the marina’s exceptional facilities, the unspoilt nature, exhilarating silent boating, water skiing, and wake boarding. I can now recharge my Nautique in the time I have a leisurely lunch, instead of having to rely on slow AC overnight charging. Aqua provides me with convenient charging that suits my lifestyle and supports my sustainable boating.” 

Lake Maggiore is a hotbed for electric boating innovation and a proving ground for electric technologies. It is also the location of E1’s famous RaceBird test flights, the first all-electric raceboat championship with the aim of decarbonising future leisure boats. The championship was established to create a new, competitive on-water racing proposition based on clean technologies to protect our waters and coastal areas.

Aqua superPower's chargers are brand agnostic and will charge all electric boat brands as they bring new recreational and commercial boats to market. Aqua works closely with boat brands (OEMs) and powertrain manufacturers to ensure they are delivering a no-apologies cleaner alternative to liquid carbon fuels. These collaborations will standardise technology protocols, ensuring a seamless user experience that delivers on-demand fast charging while protecting the boat’s batteries.

Each marine fast charging station is smart and is permanently connected to Aqua superPower’s back-office, and customers pay Aqua superPower directly for their consumed electrons. Aqua’s self-titled app can help customers find charging stations, check availability, provide real-time charge-session management, and manage their billing.

Marina di Verbella benefits from the beauty of Lake Maggiore, in the area south of Sesto Calende, within the protected natural oasis of the Ticino Natural Park and has received the Marina Excellence certification for its performance in the field of sustainability. The award recognises the marina’s location, the services it offers, and the landscape of Lake Maggiore. With Aqua superPower’s marine fast charger, Marina di Verbella is at the forefront of facilitating clean electric boating, promoting sustainability, and supporting the transition away from polluting fossil fuels.

Aqua superPower’s marine fast charger at Marina di Verbella is a significant step towards enabling sustainable and clean electric boating on Lake Maggiore. It will provide electric boat owners with are liable, efficient, and sustainable charging solution.