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Cala del Forte Marina Goes Electric with Aqua superPower

Ventimiglia, Italy – 22 July 2022 - The first Cala del Forte E-Marine Day took place on 10th July, organised with global marine fast charge network Aqua superPower. Since its official opening just over a year ago, Cala del Forte marina is carving out a leading reputation in terms of service, technology, innovation, and sustainability. Cala del Forte hosted the Ventimiglia E-Marine 2022 Day to raise awareness of electric marine propulsion and to promote green marine mobility.  

The marina sees boating as the natural next step in the clean electric vehicle revolution and is a strategic charging hub on the Aqua superPower marine fast charging network, connecting the Italian Ligurian Riviera with the Cote d’Azur. Organised by Aqua superPower, the Ventimiglia E-Marine Day brought together international industry stakeholders, including electric boat builders, power train manufacturers, electric and hybrid propulsion technology developers, and marina owners. Proving that both infrastructure and electric boats exist, the event offered sea trials and dockside demonstrations of Aqua’s marine superchargers in deployment.

“Our E-Marine Day demonstrated that the technologies for clean e-marine mobility are already here, with the common message coming from all participants that the future is now. Electrification is coming to boating, just as it has come to other forms of transport, and we see working with Aqua superPower as future-proofing in terms of growing demand and required infrastructure. Aqua successfully delivered a tremendous event for us that provided a brand-new opportunity to experience first-hand the exhilaration of travelling at sea without noise or fossil fuel emissions.” says Marco Cornacchia, Marina Manager of Cala del Forte.

“The Ventimiglia E-Marine 2022 event firmly positions Cala del Forte as an important innovator proactively engaged in encouraging the shift from liquid carbon fuels to clean electric marine mobility. Aqua’s marine charging network is part of the marine e-mobility infra-structure servicing Cala del Forte in support of the marina’s commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility. Electric boat builders tell us that access to the reliable ‘plug & go’ CCS DC rapid charging we provide is crucial to the success in selling their boats.” says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower. 

From high-performance boats to personal craft, commercial vessels to electric outboard motors, the range of exhibitors in attendance from across Europe included Vita Yachts with the Vita SEAL and the Vita LION, X-Shore, Barchelettriche, AS Labruna, and Tideman Boats powered by Evoy. Also present were E-Dolphin with their electric jet ski, Future Marine with two foiling boards, Gerris Boats with a prototype of their project to create a truly accessible water taxi application, and Optima who showcased their innovative electric boat design with a unique ultra-efficient low-resistance hull form.

Cala del Forte is a project owned and conceived by Monaco Port’s SMIP (Société Monégasque Internationale Portuaire) to expand the company, push cross border collaboration, and demonstrate its philosophy of sustainable port management and ecological responsibility. With rapid chargers installed at both Cala del Forte and the Monaco Yacht Club, Aqua superPower’s state-of-the-art sustainable marine technology provides the infrastructure that allows commercial and leisure e-boats to move between the two locations with ease. Cala del Forte is one of the first marinas to provide charging stations for both electric boats and cars.

With a focus on interoperability, safety, and accessibility, Aqua superPower works with all leading electric boat builders to ensure that the Aqua system is compatible with most leisure and commercial electric and hybrid boats. Aqua superPower adopted the universal electric vehicle Combined Charging System (CCS), which uses connectors to provide power up to 350 kilowatts. The fully sealed IP-65 rated DC rapid marine chargers are smart networked to deliver regional charging corridors and hubs in both inland and coastal boating areas.

Aqua superPower is the first company to develop and install a global marine fast charging network to support marinas, boat builders and boat owners in the sustainable shift to decarbonisation and marine conservation.