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BCI Marine Partners with Aqua superPower to Install Fast-charging Points Throughout Canada

Montreal,Canada – 10 January 2022 - Ontario and Quebec will be the first provinces to receive new Aqua superPower DC rapid chargers, with their initial targeted locations to be announced in early 2022. Aqua superPower plans its first completed Canadian installation through one of BCI’s partners by Victoria Day‘22.

Each Aqua superPower rapid charger will provide dual simultaneous DC charging of up to 150kW and will be accessible to marina users via the Aqua secure app or RFID card.

“We know that for the electric boat market to truly launch in Canada, it’s essential a conveniently available ‘super charging’ network be implemented to service these boats,” says Patrick Hardy, President of BCI Marine. “We are proud to partner with Aqua superPower to begin building, and fast-tracking, a more eco-friendly and sustainable boating experience with specific marinas and destination points in Ontario and Quebec, many that have already been identified.

“The X Shore EELEX 8000 100% Electric Boat was introduced to the Canadian market, by us, this past fall, and new electric brands will be launched, by us, soon,” Hardy continues. “Other electric boat builders will come to market too, so strategically, BCI Marine taking the initiative to introduce a ‘marine’ DC rapid charging point provider, and Aqua superPower specifically, was the right, responsible, and logical next step, for the Canadian consumer, and marine dealers.”

“As the electric mobility revolution continues to take hold on the roads and in the skies, the shift towards electrification is also gathering pace across the marine world. Aqua superPower supports marinas, boatbuilders and boat owners in the drive to bring electric power to the water and reduce the impact of boating on marine ecosystems.” explains Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower. “When you’re asking a consumer to make a significant investment in an electric boat, you want to assure them they can have the charging that suits their lifestyle.

“The requirement for a joined-up network of reliable and fast marine chargers to create charging hubs and corridors for electric boat users is absolutely crucial if we are to secure the transition away from liquid carbon fuels. Our partnership with BCI Marine, and their partners, will help fast-track marine electrification, in Canada.”

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