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Assomarinas and Aqua superPower Join Forces for Marine Electrification

ROME, Italy & LONDON, UK – 9th March 2023 - The Italian Tourist Ports Association – Assomarinas  and Aqua superPower announce their collaboration for the installation of electric boat charging stations in the marinas of the Assomarinas network. The two parties will jointly be promoting electric boating as a benefit for the nautical market and for the environment. Through the partnership, Aqua superPower will supply and install its high-power smart grid marine chargers at no cost to the site operator, creating an infrastructure for electric boats and charging corridors along the entire Italian coast.  

Assomarinas has been operating since 1972 to create a “network” between the accommodation facilities for pleasure boating along the Italian coasts. The organisation strengthens the exchange of information and services between tourist port operators by assisting the network members in carrying out their activities for a constant improvement of the services offered. Assomarinas has 90+ associated marinas and the partnership with Aqua superPower will support Assomarinas Group members in achieving their sustainability and decarbonisation goals. The new partnership is to lay the foundations for establishing a network of Aqua superPower chargers with the marinas of the group.

“Assomarinas shares Aqua superPower’s long-term vision of a growing electric boating market and is delighted to cooperate in this important transition. Marinas need to be prepared for the new needs of electric boaters, and they must provide a reliable network of fast charge stations to make the new electric propulsion technologies more viable and enjoyable, for the benefit of the entire global nautical industry.” Says Roberto Perocchio, President of Assomarinas.

“We look forward to working with Assomarinas as marine fast charging partner to help their members reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment.” Says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower. “Access to charging infrastructure that offers a reliable plug & charge experience, offering features like charge point visibility, is essential for boat owners if they are to develop the confidence to transition away from liquid carbon fuels. In partnering with Assomarinas, we will be able to develop fully connected marine fast charging infrastructure along the entire Italian coast to service the growing number of electric boats.”

There is no cost to the marina as regards to installation and network infrastructure. Aqua’s business model is to build, own and operate the network of high-powered chargers and then manage these assets via the cloud. Aqua provides a fully funded turn-key solution.  This includes everything from upgrading grid connections through to 24/7 customer care, the hardware, the Aqua cloud backend system, which drives payment systems, customer care, charging session management, maintenance, and unique connected services between Aqua’s cloud, charger, and vessel. Aqua manage the entire installation service via their own deployment team and certified contractors in various countries.

Aqua superPower is the first company to develop and install a global marine fast charging network to support marinas, boat builders and boat owners in the sustainable shift to decarbonisation and marine conservation. Assomarinas is associated with the majority of tourist marinas in Italy, with the aim of unifying standards to ensure that facilities have the best services and infrastructure, and to provide users with a sustainable network of first-class ports. It also actively participates in the organisation of the International Marina Conference of ICOMIA (The International Council of Marine Industry Associations) - the international trade association that brings together national recreational marine industry associations and represents them at an international level.