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Aqua superPower Unveils AquaLink for Seamless Electric Boat Charging at Venice Boat Show

Aqua superPower announces the launch of AquaLink, an innovative technology designed to revolutionise the charging experience for electric boat users. Integrated seamlessly into the Aqua app, AquaLink facilitates instant access to electric boat charging for registered users, marking a significant leap towards a more convenient and user-friendly future for electric marine mobility.

As the trusted charging partner to the Venice Boat Show for the third consecutive year, Aqua is proud to unveil its AquaLink technology. This cutting-edge innovation sets a new standard in user experience, surpassing traditional fuelling for internal combustion engine (ICE) vessels. Visitors to the Electric Pontoon at the show will witness firsthand how AquaLink supports the growing number of DC-compatible electric boats on display.

Boasting a streamlined process, AquaLink allows electric boat users to connect the charging cable to their vessel, initiating the charging process without any additional steps. Behind the scenes, boat identification, authorisation, and billing are handled within Aqua's back-office system. Drawing on experience from the automotive sector, Aqua superPower developed AquaLink to eliminate barriers to the adoption of electric mobility related to on-the-go charging.

Adam Marshall, Chief Technology Officer of Aqua superPower, expressed: "AquaLink represents a significant step forward in our mission to make electric boat charging as seamless as possible. Through our continuous commitment to the development of our software platform, we are breaking down barriers and providing a level of convenience that surpasses traditional refuelling."

Upon creating an account with the Aqua network, electric boat users complete a one-time registration for AquaLink through the Aqua app. Once registered, any charger on the Aqua network will recognise the vessel and automatically initiate charging sessions when plugged in. This feature is particularly advantageous for commercial boat operators, enabling them to register multiple vessels for central billing, 24/7 customer support, and expedited service.

AquaLink harnesses the open charge point protocol (OCCP), the industry-standard open-source protocol for communication between charging stations and central back-end charging management systems. Using the OCPP authorise command, AquaLink sends the unique vessel identifier to the Aqua back-office management system, offering advanced features such as assigning multiple vessels to a single account.

Compatible with most electric boats accepting a Combined Charging System (CCS) connector, AquaLink delivers the most user-friendly, seamless charging experience for electric boat users, overcoming barriers to adoption. Aqua superPower proudly stands as the first company to design and develop a dedicated global marine fast charging network with functions and features tailored specifically for this sector.

The Aqua network provides users with various access points, including AquaLink, the Aqua app, or RFID cards. Users can access a map displaying charger locations, receive navigational aids, and manage charging sessions effortlessly. Aqua superPower continues to lead the way in the electric marine mobility sector, delivering cutting-edge technology and features for an unparalleled user experience.

With a proven track record as the Venice Boat Show's charging partner and having introduced its global marine fast charge network at the show in 2021, Aqua superPower continues to lead the charge towards a sustainable future. This year, Aqua proudly supports Venice Boat Show with the Aqua 75 DC, Aqua Pods, and Aqua25 DC installed at the Electric Pontoon P2, to supercharge the increasing number of electric boats exhibiting.