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Aqua superPower Sets up French Subsidiary in Nautical Industry Hub Marseille

Aqua superPower  announces the incorporation of its new French subsidiary in Marseille to further expand the company’s services within France and Europe. Headquartered in the UK, with international subsidiaries in the US, Italy, and now France, Aqua superPower is developing a global network of marine superchargers for electric boats, creating regional and local charging corridors in key coastal boating destinations and on inland waterways. Marseille was selected as Aqua superPower’s French base for the city’s central location on the Mediterranean coast and for its reputation as one of the country’s top-tier nautical industry and innovation hubs.

National and regional environmental regulations in France are driving change in the marine sector, with electric propulsion emerging as the most significant trend in the boating industry. Aqua superPower has been at the forefront of putting in place crucial marine e-mobility infrastructure along the French Riviera to support the adoption of clean electric boating since 2019. Through the new operation in Marseille, Aqua will be bringing its electric boat charging solutions to France’s coastline and inland waterways, working with marinas, commercial operators, and public sector stakeholders to help address their environmental challenges andmeet the growing infrastructure needs from bringing zero emissions electric mobility to the water.

Maryline Marilly, Head of European Business Development for Aqua superPower says “We are delighted to expand our footprint in France and the opening of our new subsidiary in Marseille signals our long-term commitment to help drive the country’s transition to clean electric boating. The French market is key for Aqua, both in the leisure and commercial sector. It is important that we continue to be part of the solution to France’s environmental and emission reduction goals in the marine sector. This is why we are working with all the stakeholders in the French ecosystem to provide our marine fast charging technology and infrastructure, whilst positively impacting the environment, investing in the blue economy and creating new green jobs and sector expertise.”

France has the largest maritime economic zone in the world and Marseille is considered one of the most dynamic economies in Europe. Electric boats have a major role to play in the transportation of passengers and goods in cities with waterways, such as Paris, or where local environmental regulation limits access to protected water and marine areas. Waterways are identified in many cities as important commuting solutions. The electric boat market segments in France, based on uses, are leisure, public transport, and the transportation of goods. The French Electric Boat Association (AFBE) has identified two key levers for the development of this market: strengthening the industry position and boosting governmental incentives.

Through the subsidiary in Marseille, Aqua superPower will engage at local, regional, national, and European level to promote the adoption of universal charging standards, battery safety standards, and fiscal policies. The Aqua team has long-standing experience in deploying electric vehicle charge point networks and has transferred this knowledge to the marine sector. Aqua owns, operates, and maintains the network using their own cloud-based back-office system. Aqua’s IP-65 rated hardware is specifically chosen to withstand the challenges of the marine environment. Taking advantage ofdevelopments in the automotive industry, Aqua has adopted the CCS (Combined Charging System) ensuring the safest and most reliablecharging for both leisure and commercial electric boat users.

Aqua superPower is the first company to design and develop a dedicated global marine fast charging network with technology, functionality and features tailored specifically for this sector. The network is designed to create a seamless user experience that is accessible via the Aqua app or RFID card, enabling users to view a map showing charger locations, offering navigational aids, and managing charging sessions. Aqua superPower will be at Nautic Paris Boat Show 3rd - 10th December in Hall 1 Stand D-62.