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Aqua superPower Installs First Major European Inland Lake Electric Boat Charging Network at Lago Maggiore

Sesto Calende, Italy– 20 May 2022 – Marine fast charging network Aqua superPower attended Lake Maggiore Boat Show hosted by Marina di Verbella to demonstrate their electric boat chargers and promote clean boating. Aqua’s presence at the show was to mark the roll-out of the charging infrastructure the company is creating along the shores of Lago Maggiore with the first installation at Marina di Verbella in the Ticino Natural Park.

Lago Maggiore represents the first major European inland lake Aqua superPower charging destination where environmental, cultural and heritage considerations increasingly drive the demand for electric boats. Access to a comprehensive charging network that offers a reliable plug & go experience is essential if boat owners are to develop the confidence to transition to electric boats. As the world’s first dedicated marine fast charge network, Aqua superPower develops charging infrastructure for marine and inland water applications deploying holistic solutions for both DC and AC charging dependent on location and intended usage.

“We recognise the growing electric boat market and want to welcome clean boating to Marina di Verbella. It is important to us to add as many services as possible for our customers and now they can also charge their electric boat.” says Marco Diana, Marina Director, Marina di Verbella. “As the biggest marina among the Italian lakes, we are committed to leading on sustainability and the environment. The installation of Aqua superPower’s marine charger and realisation of 1MW from solar panels is all part of this effort.”

“We are proud to make Lago Maggiore Italy’s new destination for electric boat owners, helping to protect the lake’s beautiful shores, environmental tourism and cultural heritage.” said Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower. “The technical solutions exist to adopt clean marine e-mobility and with the installation of Aqua’s chargers and supporting network, we want to bring both commercial and leisure electric boating to Lago Maggiore. This is another milestone for our company, as the first major European inland lake charging network rollout.”

Marina di Verbella received the ‘Marina Excellence’ certification for its performance in the field of sustainability, rewarding one of the most attractive marinas in inland waters for its location, the services it offers and for the landscape of Lago Maggiore. Aqua superPower already supports marinas, boat builders and boat owners in the drive to bring electric power to the water and reduce the impact of boating on marine ecosystems. Chargers on the Aqua network provide reliable and ultrafast 22kW AC - 150kW DC charging for both leisure and commercial boats.  

Aqua superPower has been rolling out its global network of marine fast chargers, creating local charging hubs and corridors with installations along the Cote d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Venice, the UK, and Spain.