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Aqua superPower Comes to Silicon Valley with First Marine Fast Charge Station in San Francisco Bay at Westpoint Harbor

REDWOOD CITY, US – 9thMay 2023 - Aqua superPower has announced the installation of the first marine fast charging station in the San Francisco Bay Area at Westpoint Harbor in Silicon Valley's Redwood City. Westpoint Harbor is a world-class, award-winning marina that offers a protected harbor with modern slips up to 120’ and dry storage. As a Clean Marine award holder, Westpoint Harbor leads the way with sustainable marina management practices, and the decision to become the first Aqua network host in the Bay Area continues that tradition by supporting the growing number of boat users who want to switch to clean electric boating.

The innovative technology and sustainability aspect of clean electric boating is set to appeal to San Francisco Bay’s tech-savvy and environmentally conscious demographic. According to Discover Boating research, the next generation of boaters looks, acts, and thinks differently than current boat owners. Yet, the freedom of being on the water, and the feelings associated with that freedom, were significant unifiers and influencers for all boaters. Electric boats are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental benefits and cost efficiency. They also offer a smooth and enjoyable ride for boaters who want to enjoy the peace and serenity of being out on the water in nature without the noise and pollution.

Westpoint Harbor benefits from a Mediterranean microclimate that attracts the millions of shorebirds and waterfowl that visit nearby Greco Island, a National Wildlife Refuge sheltering a wonderful array of wildlife, including ospreys, pelicans, and several endangered species. Being amidst such rich natural surroundings underscores the importance of sustainability in boating making it an ideal location for marine charging infrastructure. The Aqua 75 DC marine supercharger installed at Westpoint Harbor will provide boat owners with access to reliable plug and charge infrastructure, offering features such as charge point visibility to develop the confidence to transition away from liquid carbon fuels.

“As a Gold Anchor marina, Westpoint Harbor is committed to clean marine practices”. Said Mark Sanders, President of Westpoint Harbor LLC. "Having the opportunity to install Aqua’s marine supercharger was exciting. Sustainability and protecting the environment are extremely important to us, and we are not short on early technology adopters around here. Redwood City is in the heart of Silicon Valley, and electric boating is the next logical step in maritime e-mobility."

Scott Canning, VP US Business Development of Aqua superPower, explained "Electric marine mobility works best when boat users can take advantage of conveniently located charging stations throughout their local area. These e-boat corridors are central to our vision, and we are delighted to work with Westpoint Harbor on developing this critical infrastructure as the first Aqua superPower charging hub in San Francisco Bay."

Electric propulsion is rapidly becoming a significant trend in the boating industry, and Aqua superPower has been at the forefront of supporting marinas, commercial operators, boat builders, and boat owners in bringing electric power to the water since 2021. Aqua's team has long-standing and successful experience in deploying electric vehicle charge point networks and is now transferring this knowledge to the marine sector.

Leading electric boat makers are already operating in the Bay Area, with Candela, Navier, and Vita Yachts all catering to the growing demand for electric boats in the region. Aqua superPower's chargers are brand agnostic and will charge all electric boat brands as they bring new recreational and commercial boats to market. Aqua works closely with boat brands (OEMs) and powertrain manufacturers to ensure they are delivering a no-apologies cleaner alternative to liquid carbon fuels. These collaborations will standardize certain technology protocols, ensuring the user has a hassle-free experience, gets a fast charge, and protects their batteries.

Aqua superPower's chargers use the CCS (Combined Charging System), the safest and most reliable charging system for both leisure and commercial electric boat users. The company's self-titled app helps customers find charging stations, check availability, provide real-time charge-session management, and handle billing.

Westpoint Harbor is the first Aqua superPower network host as part of the charging corridor the company is developing around the San Francisco Bay Area, giving boat owners access to convenient and reliable charging infrastructure to enable them to make the transition to electric boating. Multiple marinas around the bay are already in contract negotiation to join the Aqua network, with a further charger in process at Sausalito's Clipper Yacht Harbor.