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Aqua superPower Collaborates with Leading E-Marine Industry Partners to Create Virtual Electric Boat Charging Network at boot Düsseldorf

London, UK17th January 2023 – Global marine fast charge operator Aqua superPower has joined forces with leading e-marine industry partners at boot Düsseldorf to create a virtual electric boat charging network across the show. Electric boat brands, XShore, RS Electric Boats, Axopar, Evoy, VitaYachts, and Delphia, as well as zero emission and sustainable yachting consultancy ZEASY, will all be hosting Aqua superPower marine fast chargers on their stand. The purpose is to jointly promote zero emissions electric boating and demonstrate that the ecosystem and infra-structure exist to make the urgent transition away from liquid carbon fuels.

Aqua superPower has been at the forefront of putting in place crucial marine e-mobility infrastructure to support the adoption of clean electric boating since 2019. With the creation of regional and local charging corridors in key boating destinations, the company is developing an all-electric and integrated global ecosystem of marine superchargers to measurably reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment.  The marine e-mobility ecosystem requires a safe and reliable user interface with the best user experience and interoperability to support marinas, boat builders, and boat owners in the unstoppable transition to marine e-mobility.

“As the electric boat market grows, so does the need for reliable and accessible charging. This is why we are working with leading electric boat makers and industry partners on driving and developing marine fast charging interoperability, safety, and compatibility standards. Electric boats and watercraft are here now, and they require the charging infrastructure we provide, with our dedicated marine fast charge network.” Says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower.

"At X Shore, we are dedicated to collaborating with all of our industry partners to advance the mission of promoting clean electric boating. By co-creating in the electric boat market and supporting the necessary charging infrastructure, we are working together to build a marine e-mobility ecosystem. The future is now and by improving the current infrastructure we can make the transition to electric boating faster." Says CEO of X Shore, Jenny Keisu.

"The market for electric boats is huge and will only get bigger. The only way to achieve this is to have a network of charging stations, which Aqua Superpower are doing so well to provide. We are very excited to be working with Aqua Superpower watching their network of DC superchargers grow and helping us and our customers stay charged. We are all striving for the same goal, to be able to enjoy being on the water in a sustainable way, which is why it is great that we can all help and work with each other to achieve this." Says Jon Partridge, Commercial CEO of RS Electric Boats.

"We are very excited about the partnership with Aqua Superpower. Infrastructure is often one of the questions we get from potential customers and being able to refer to Aqua Superpower's ambitions and track record is vital in most conversations. We very much believe in what Aqua Superpower is doing and are thankful for sharing the goal of reducing emissions by making electric boating more available" Says Marte Rostrup Hofset, CCO of Evoy.

“As the automotive sector has shown, the availability of reliable DC charging is central to the growth of the electric boat market. Fast charging transforms the usability and practicality of electric boats opening up larger cruising areas and connecting different regions as well as making more applications viable. More chargers means more electric boats and thus a significant reduction in the impact of boating on the marine environment.” Says Rory Trahair, CEO of Vita Yachts.

“With three new models launched in 2022 and the Delphia 10 Lounge coming up for boot Düsseldorf, Delphia Yachts is on a mission: be fully electric by 2025. Teaming up with Aqua Super Power, we offer our customers the possibility to mindfully cruising on inland waterways and coastal sheltered areas and benefit for fast charging stations to enjoy sustainable boating.” Says Martin Schemkes, Brand Director of Delphia.

“As water sports enthusiasts, we must take transformational action to preserve the beauty of the oceans. Aqua Superpower is a transformational leader. By building a fast-charging network as well as establishing strategic partnerships with other change leaders, Aqua is a driving force of change. ZEASY is proud to be part of this network of transformational leaders. Together we electrify the maritime world on water and on land.” Says Carl Brockhausen, CEO and Founder of ZEASY ApS.

Aqua brings its electric boat charging solutions to coastlines and inland waterways, working with marinas, commercial operators, and public sector stakeholders to help address their environmental challenges and meet the growing infrastructure needs from bringing zero emissions electric mobility to the water. The company supplies and installs future-proofed high powered smart network chargers at no cost to the site owner/operator.  By installing Aqua’s fully connected marine fast chargers, marinas will benefit from long-term shared income from the charging services and becoming a destination for the fast-growing number of electric boat users, generating increased footfall. Forward thinking marina owners and port operators are therefore incentivised to make the switch to electric power as part of their sustainability efforts.  

Aqua superPower will be participating in the Blue Innovation Dock panel on Tuesday 24th January in Hall 10, at 13.30hrs-14.30hrs,hosted by European Boating Industry, discussing 'Fuels of the Future - Putting in place charging and alternative fuel infrastructure’. The network of Aqua superPower’s marine fast chargers will be across boot Düsseldorf January 21st – 29th in Hall 4/D19 on the X Shore stand, Hall 4/F20 on the RS Electric Boats stand, Hall 4 B/59 on the Axopar stand, Hall 4/F04 on the Vita Yachts stand, Hall 1B/16 on the Delphia stand, and Hall 11/A03 at the ZEASY stand.