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Aqua superPower Charges Up Venice Boat Show

Venice, ITALY – 25 May 2022 – Aqua superPower and its network of AC and DC electric boat chargers will have a sizeable presence at this year’s Venice Boat Show. In keeping with the event’s focus on sustainability and innovation, Aqua superPower and Italian chargepoint manufacturer e-concept have teamed up as technical partners to the show and will be installing twenty marine chargers within the historic Arsenale. Aqua superPower’s high profile role reflects the company’sexceptional growth since announcing the roll-out of the world’s first dedicated global marine fast charging network at last year’s edition of Salone Nautico Venezia.

Electric boats feature prominently in the programme at Venice Boat Show 2022,with thirty six electric boats on display and several significant world premieres announced.  The show will also host the second edition of the E-Regatta, an endurance competition between a range of electric boats. Aqua superPower is installing two dockside Aqua 75 DC fast charging stations, enabling the show’s electric boats to rapidly recharge and extend their autonomy. This will be alongside eighteen Aqua 22e AC charging pile installations as part of the company’s partnership with e-concept.

Aqua superPower introduced its global marine fast charge network at the Venice Boat Show 2021. The year since has been one of many firsts for the company, expanding across Italy, France, Spain, Canada, and the US together with the UK’s first charging network for electric maritime vessels in Plymouth, funded by the Department for Transport with Innovate UK as deliverypartner. Aseries of high power DC electric charging stations was switched onlast month along the perimeter of the Plymouth Sound National MarinePark. This includes the world’s first  HPC chargingfacility, the UK’s first Aqua 75 site, and an Aqua 25 installation.

The Venice Boat Show is a particularly significant forum for us to promote our dedicated marine fast charging network and holistic solutions designed to support the transition to sustainable, zero emissions boating.” says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower. “As the electric boat market grows, so does the need for reliable and accessible charging. We are actively working to install charging infrastructure in Venice as a highly sensitive location where critical environmental, cultural and heritage considerations increasingly drive the demand for electric boats.”

In Italy, Aqua superPower has installations in Venice, Portofino, and along the Italian Riviera, while the roll-out of a charging network along the shores of Lake Maggiore begins this year. Creating local charging hubs and corridors, Aqua superPower supports marinas, boatbuilders, and boat owners in the drive to bring electric power to the water and reduce the impact of boating on marine ecosystems. Chargers on the Aqua network provide reliable and ultrafast 22kW AC - 150kW DC charging for both leisure and commercial boats.  

Significantly, Aqua superPower’s chargers are smart networked and permanently connected via the cloud-based back-office system and the Aqua App to ensure best user experience. The company’s fully funded business model means it will own and operate the connected Aqua network of marine chargers, providing clear insight into usage trends, how often boats are used, and how much charge they use to help service providers plan ahead, cater for emerging patterns, improve route planning, and fleet management capacities. Forward thinking marina owners and waterside locations are therefore incentivised to make the switch to electric power as part of their decarbonisation efforts.