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Aqua superPower Builds Out Sweden’s West Coast Charging Corridor

27th September 2023 - Aqua superPower, the global leader in marine fast charging solutions, announces the commissioning of two new cutting-edge Aqua 75 marine fast chargers along the West coast of Sweden. Last year the company welcomed Lyckans Slip Marina as Sweden’s first Aqua superPower marine fast charge network host, leading the way in making electric boat fast charging available to their customers. With these new installations in Kungshamn and Hamburgsund and more locations on the horizon to create a comprehensive charging corridor, Aqua superPower is revolutionising electric boating by eliminating range anxiety.

Sweden boasts a captivating coastline with extensive archipelagos, offering unparalleled conditions for recreational boating. With over 800,000 recreational boats, Sweden has one ofthe world's highest densities of leisure boats per capita. Its serene bays and tranquil waters along the West coast make it a haven for leisure boating and a thriving tourism sector. Responsible marina management is crucial to safeguarding the environment in these pristine waters.

Kungshamn, situated in the heart of Sotenäs municipality, has transitioned from a fishing and canning hub to a thriving tourist destination. Known for its proximity to the sea and exceptional boat facilities, Kungshamn and neighbouring Smögen are among Sweden’s most beloved holiday resorts.

Mats Andersson, CEO of Kungshamnsfiskarna,expressed his excitement: "We are delighted to host the Aqua 75 fast charger for electric boats in Kungshamn. This initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to a clean, electric, and environmentally friendly boating lifestyle. While initially serving leisure boats, we look forward to extending this electric approach to ferries and commercial vessels, thanks to Aqua superPower."

Hamburgsund, nestled between the mainland and the island of Hamburgö, offers breathtaking views of the archipelago and Bohuslän's natural beauty. This historic settlement, dating back to 1585, played a pivotal role in shipping and trade, connecting Norway, Gothenburg, and Bohuslän.

Hans Gunnarsson, Gunnar Johansson & Co. AB, remarked, "Installing fast charging for electric boats is essential for the widespread adoption of electric boating. We've witnessed a growing interest in electric boats around Hamburgsund, and we want to create the right conditions for both locals and visiting guests to be part of this transition. Teaming up with Aqua superPower, the global marine fast charge experts with a local team in Sweden, backed up by certified marine technology and 24/7 customer service, provides a safe and sustainable solution."

Niclas Wulker-Petterson, Business Development Manager, Nordics, Aqua superPower explained: “The western Swedish marine charging corridor is expanding, which reflects the growing demand for clean electric boating. I am delighted that two beautiful coastal communities Hamburgsund and Kungshamn, are now part of Aqua superPower’s charging network. Access to charging that provides a reliable and safe ‘plug & go’ experience, and offers features like charge point visibility, is essential for leisure and commercial boat owners if they are to develop the confidence to transition to zero emission electric boats. It is our ambition to expand this charging corridor to ultimately make it possible to goby electric boat from Gothenberg to Oslo in Norway without range anxiety.”

Aqua superPower is at the forefront of the electric boating revolution, offering marinas and waterside locations the opportunity to embrace this eco-friendly shift without any upfront costs. Boat users can access the Aqua network through the secure app or RFID card, facilitating charger location discovery, navigation, and charge session management.

The company is developing a fully integrated charging ecosystem compatible with most leisure and commercial electric and hybrid boats. Further chargers are planned to be added to Aqua superPower’s charging corridor along the West coast of Sweden this year, with substantial deployment growth to come thereafter.

Electric boating is here to stay, and Aqua superPower is spearheading the transformation with their comprehensive charging infrastructure and user-friendly experience.