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Aqua superPower and X Shore Form Strategic Alliance to Accelerate Electric Boat Adoption

L SWEDEN 22March 2022 - Global marine fast charging network operator Aqua superPower and Swedish high performance electric boat maker X Shore today announce their strategic alliance to drive infrastructure compatibility and technical standards for electrification across the marine world. Aqua superPower and X Shore will be collaborating across Europe and North America to demonstrate the ecosystem and interoperability required to support marinas, boat builders, and consumers in the unstoppable transition to marine e-mobility.

Boat charging infrastructure is well developed already, and what is crucial about this partnership is the expansion of DC charging, primarily the speed of charge being delivered. Market participants, like X Shore, believe that sector transition to e-mobility will accelerate as a result of the enhanced convenience afforded by the expansion of charging technology.

The marine e-mobility ecosystem requires a safe and reliable user interface providing clear guidance to charge points, coupled with ‘Plug & Charge’ technology when adoption becomes widespread. X Shore’s intelligent software combines seamlessly with Aqua superPower’s network and user management technology. As part of the alliance, Aqua superPower will supply its fully marinised superchargers to be hooked onto X Shore’s boats at various international boat shows and marine events. In turn, to further promote the growing and developing infrastructure around electric boats, X Shore will be bringing its boats to locations where there are Aqua superPower installations.

Jenny Keisu, CEO of X Shore says, “At X Shore we rely on, and trust in, industry collaborations. Partnership is the new leadership, and we need to collaborate in order to speedup the green transition. This is why we team up with Aqua superPower. They have extensive experience in creating reliable cloud-based public charging networks and their rapid progress in building marine charging corridors will have an accelerated effect on the much-needed shift to electric boats.”

Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower adds, “Our strategic alliance with X Shore is an important step in Aqua superPower collaborating with leading electric boat makers and industry partners on driving and developing marine fast charging interoperability, safety and compatibility standards. Electric boats and watercraft are here now, and they require the charging infrastructure we provide, with our dedicated marine fast charge network. We are delighted to work with X Shore as ambassadors and partners in our Aqua superPower-endorsed affiliate programme that is designed to bring users reliable, fast and easy charging along Aqua superPower’s marine charging corridors.”

The fully sealed design of Aqua superPower’s IP-65 rated DC rapid chargers inherently provide the robustness and ease of use needed in the marine and freshwater environment. It is vital from a safety point of view that the latest connected technology is used, and electricity cannot be drawn until the electronic handshake with the boat has been completed satisfactorily. Aqua superPower’s chargers are smart networked and permanently connected to the Aqua backend to ensure best user experience.

X Shore has quickly become the frontrunner of sustainable electric craft. Launched in the US last year, the Swedish company’s latest Eelex 8000 electric boat is powered by intelligent software and is exclusively powered by two state of the art Kreisel Battery Packs(KBP 63) with a total battery capacity of 126 kWh. On a full charge the boat can travel about 100 nautical miles at lower speeds. Aqua superPower is developing its network to be accessible to electricboat users via the Aqua secure app or RFID card. The company has been rolling out its global network of marine fast chargers, with recent installations along the Cote d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, and Venice, and a further 150 chargers planned next year, with substantial deployment growth to come thereafter.

The strategic alliance will promote the two companies’ common mission to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment. X Shore and Aqua superPower will be exhibiting together at the upcoming Palm Beach International Boat Show from March 24 - 27.