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Aqua superPower and Evoy Form Strategic Partnership to Expand Commercial Electric Boat Sector

LONDON,UK & FLORØ, NORWAY – 13 April 2022 - Global marine fast charging network operator Aqua superPower and Norwegian electric boat motor systems developer Evoy announce their strategic partnership to facilitate the transition to sustainable commercial boating. Aqua superPower and Evoy, one of the global frontrunners in the rapidly accelerating electric boat industry, will jointly promote the adoption of e-mobility in themarine sector.

Given the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions, marinas, ports, and harbours are looking to incorporate sustainable technologies and practices into their operations to reduce pollution and mitigate their environmental impact. Aqua superPower and Evoy will be offering their respective marine fast charging infrastructure and clean technology solutions to site owners and commercial boating operators, helping them to take substantial steps towards decarbonising and protecting marine ecosystems.

Evoy’s100% electric outboard and inboard motor systems are built for fast and powerful boats between 20 and 50 ft.  The company’s solutions are agnostic to boat type and available to service boats, utility boats, tugboats, ferries, lifeboats, fishing boats and other working boats. Like Aqua superPower, Evoy adopted the universal electric vehicle CombinedCharging System (CCS), which uses connectors to provide power up to350 kilowatts. Aqua superPower’s fully sealed IP-65 rated DC rapid chargers are smart networked to deliver regional charging corridors and hubs in both inland and coastal boating areas.

Leif A. Stavøstrand, CEO of Evoy says, “The boat market is changing rapidly and we seek industry partnerships and collaboration to successfully develop and deliver clean boating solutions. In Norway we have seen that proprietary charging networks, such as Tesla, have been much less of a competitive edge than one originally thought. This is one of the reasons Evoy decided to partner with Aqua superPower, where the focus of their marine fast charging network is on interoperability, safety, and accessibility to all electric boat users. Between us we look forward to working together to accelerate the adoption of e-boating and cutting greenhouse gases.”

AlexBamberg, CEO of Aqua superPowersays, “We are delighted to collaborate with Evoy to drive the adoption of electric boating while developing the fast charging infrastructure required to support users in transitioning away from liquid carbon fuels. The commercial landscape is of massive interest to us, as electrifying the more frequent duty cycles of these vessels will have a significant positive impact on the marine environment. Our partnership with Evoy as part of our Aqua superPower endorsed affiliate programme is an important step in bringing state-of-the-art holistic e-marine solutions to ports and harbours for the implementation of sustainable boating practices.”

An important aspect of Aqua superPower’s network is the data it collects.  Building on its experience of the automotive sector, Aqua superPower’s network provides clear insight into general usage trends, how often boats are used, how much charge they use and so on. This greatly helps service providers plan ahead, cater for emerging patterns, improve route planning, and fleet management capacities.

Evoy design, develop and manufacture powerful 100% electric motor systems for commercial and leisure boats, bringing the superiority o felectric voyaging into new markets.  The powerful plug-and-play inboard and outboard turn-key systems can be placed into any boat. Evoy’s systems, outboard and inboard, offer a power range from 120hp to400hp. The strategic partnership promotes Aqua superPower’s and Evoy’s common mission to eliminate boating emissions and reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment.